A year

I went through my FB timeline and reminisced on this past year. I went through a lot of pictures and the following are just the highlights. The first time I went to Vigan, first time I cried inside a cinema (TFIOS), first time (in a long time) that (almost) all my cousins were with me and first time to see 1D in concert (soon). image

And I won’t be who I am this day, at 20 years young, without these people who I’m always with. They’re the reason I always feel loved and like I belong to something permanent.image

And the groups of friends I have that accepted me even when I fail at balancing my time between them and I can’t help but miss some. I love you guys and you’re all family to me. :) Thank you for being with me at this time and I thank God that He put you all into my life. I feel so blessed just because of our relationships. image

(almost forgot this hehe)