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I remembered you. I’ve always liked you. You’re funny and you always wore a smile. I remember feeling comfortable with you. But the situation then was we were both hung up on another person. Isn’t it funny? :)

Well now that I noticed you (again), we’re both in that same situation again and well, I know this time, this is the last. I don’t regret anything. :)

I’m glad we’ve been acquainted with each other. Good bye. 

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Maybe I’m jealous because she gets to have food or flowers or something given to her everytime she’s in a fight with her boyfriend. But on second thought, I realised I’m not like her. I don’t need “peace offerings”. I’m not that girl. At one point, I pity her boyfriend for always gonna have to buy a certain thing to be forgiven. Yes, that’s sweet and reeks of effort but still. You’d rather have flowers in exchange of a sincere apology? Well personally, I prefer the long conversations I had with my boyfriend, even when its just text messages. I’d rather be surprised by him, coming to my house unannounced so that we can go talk about our problem. I love these conversations because they make us realise how different we are from each other but we similarly want this relationship to last. And that’s why I love my boyfriend so much and I’m grateful at what we are now.

P.S. Hey his-ex, thanks again for giving me another reason to be thankful. ;)

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