Can I be any more in love?

Just one of those days that I got nothing planned and thinking on doing absolutely nothing hence not taking a bath. But my wonderful boyfriend decided to grace me with his presence, surprised me and took me out of the house (I showered first.) And this post is made to thank him for making my day enjoyable and making me feel more loved than yesterday. :)

I love you, sweetie! Plus points for massaging my head. ;)



Rant. That’s all I can do now. UGH.

It infuriates the hell out of me when I see my ‘sisters’ with their significant other. Its not because that I don’t have one, the opposite actually. See, we have this significant others from the other network but since we have to focus more on God, we were told to lessen our time with our SOs. No alone time with SO, no taking us home, no nothing except through phone or something. I did that. I lessen my time with my SO. And I miss him so much now that we don’t spend lots of time together. But that’s okay. What’s not okay is when I see my ‘sisters’ with their SO, I see a picture of them together alone OR I JUST SEE THEM TOGETHER PERIOD. And I can’t believe it. They get way with it. I hate it. I wanna rat them out to our leader but I just don’t want to be that girl. So here I am blabbing on about it. I can’t even be with my SO for a minute. I can’t post a picture of us let alone make it a profile picture. I can’t have dates. I can’t have anything. Everyone who might see us together will ask questions and will judge us. But my ‘sisters’? They could do anything. They would. 

The most critical people are in church. 

God, give me love please. 



I remembered you. I’ve always liked you. You’re funny and you always wore a smile. I remember feeling comfortable with you. But the situation then was we were both hung up on another person. Isn’t it funny? :)

Well now that I noticed you (again), we’re both in that same situation again and well, I know this time, this is the last. I don’t regret anything. :)

I’m glad we’ve been acquainted with each other. Good bye.